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We are made of star stuff

Jennifer Hawkins

01 September–01 October

Opening 5.30pm 1 September

We are made of star stuff explores the cycle of evolution and extinction. Jennifer Hawkins asks the big questions: Where do we come from? Where do we go to?

Jennifer Hawkins graduated from Canberra School of Art in 1981, discovering early on that the idea always comes first. She then uses the materials and processes that serve the idea.

Human population is growing at the rate of 200,000 each day. Other species are becoming extinct at the rate of dozens per day. The laws of physics tell us that matter and energy are two forms of the same thing and that they are the raw material of everything in the universe. That raw material doesn't go away, it just changes form. That foundation of physics seems to Hawkins, to link evolution and extinction, to complete the circle, and to address the big questions. As the stuff of stars we are all connected - to each other, to the earth, to the universe. This body of work explores the cycle of that connection.

This exhibition is NSW artist Jennifer Hawkins first solo exhibition and has travelled from Latrobe Regional Gallery. Latrobe City Council’s arts director, Dr Mark Themann, said that Hawkins spent many hours meticulously crafting her works, using an array of materials including found objects. “These found objects include semi-precious stones, animal bones and skulls, as well as organic matter such as leaves and feathers. Hawkins asks the big questions: ‘where do we come from?’ and ‘where do we go?’,” Dr Themann said.

Everyone is welcome and entry is free

We are made of star stuff

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